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TWSBI ECO Persian Green Fountain Pen · Fine

TWSBI ECO Persian Green Fountain Pen · Fine

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TWSBI fountain pens are renowned for their high quality and affordability, offering advanced filling mechanisms usually found in more expensive pens. The TWSBI ECO features a high-capacity piston filler, a sleek transparent barrel that lets you keep track of your ink level, and a hexagonal screw-on cap.

How to use the Piston Filler Fountain pen by TWSBI: Simply unscrew the end cap, dip into ink, screw back the end cap, and your done! Ready to write!

Pen cap has an inner cap to insure a perfect seal when stored away. 
Made for the beginner who just wants to try out fountain pens, all the way to the experts. A good everyday pen!

Please note: Ink is NOT included!

For the normal writer, Fine nib is the most popular!

TWSBI: Inspired by writing. 
After over 50 years as an OEM manufacturer, TaShin Precision launched TWSBI. Their expertise in plastics and metals is evident in every product. TWSBI, derived from "San Wen Tong" (Hall of Three Cultures), celebrates Chinese calligraphy. TWSBI aims to inspire a love for art and literature with high-quality writing instruments and dedicated customer service.

  • Nib size: Fine
  • Nib material: Stainless steel
  • Length: 5.2" uncapped, 5.5" capped
  • Pen body material: resin
  • Piston ink filling system, use with bottled inks
  • Colors: clear/turquoise
  • Made in Taiwan
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