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Anterique Stationers

Bi-color Anterique Oil-Based Ballpoint Pen - 0.5mm

Bi-color Anterique Oil-Based Ballpoint Pen - 0.5mm

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Anterique's oil-based ballpoint pens use an "ultra-low-viscosity mach ball ink" that is smooth and easy-flowing. Inspired by the classic American ballpoint pens of the 1960s, this elegant pen features an ultra-precisely processed pen tip with a built-in spring to avoid leakage and control the flow of ink for a very crisp, non-smudging, ultra-fine 0.5mm line. This pen is the secret to smooth and beautiful writing!  

Founded in Tokyo in 2019, Anterique Stationers has set out to match the comfort and dignified design of the classic mid-century pen with the latest technological advances in ink and materials. All products are made in Japan.

  • Ultra-fine .5mm line; black ink
  • Knock Type Ballpoint Pen
  • 0.5mm Point
  • Pen is 5.5" long with a plastic casing
  • Made in Japan
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