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Collection Perkeo Fountain Pen / Infrared · Kaweco

Collection Perkeo Fountain Pen / Infrared · Kaweco

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The Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen combines Kaweco's renowned craftsmanship with affordability, featuring a comfortable triangular grip and compatibility with both standard international ink cartridges and Kaweco converters for bottled ink enthusiasts. In a stunning, color-shifting red hue and equipped with a transparent ink feeder, it turns every writing experience into an artistic journey.

This Kaweco Collection edition is a powerful red, which moves along the spectrum from pink to orange, depending on how you view it. It has a transparent ink feeder, so you can watch the ink on its journey through the pen and out onto the paper!

  • Fine nib / Steel 
  • A triangular grip section for comfortable writing 
  • Snap-on cap
  • Includes: one royal blue ink cartridge 
  • Made in Germany
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