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Cosmos / Aderia Retro Flake Stickers · ADERIA

Cosmos / Aderia Retro Flake Stickers · ADERIA

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New items have joined the popular Adelia retro stationery series. A cute flake sticker package that is a miniature version of the outer box containing Adelia Retro glasses. This is a carefully designed item that even the inside of the box that is pulled out with a sleeve is designed. You can enjoy decorating the package even after you finish using the stickers.

Contains 30 transparent and glossy stickers, including glass motif stickers, logos, and stamp-shaped stickers.

There is a slit on the back of the sticker, making it easy to peel off and use.

about Aderia:

Ishizuka Glass Co Ltd, founded in 1819 in Gifu, is headquartered in Aichi, Japan. Ishizuka manufactures glass bottles and tableware under the brand name "Aderia".

By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern glass making methods, Aderia developed their first mass glass bottles in 1961. Since then, Aderia has expanded into a myriad of glassware collections including dinnerware, drinkware, sakeware, and cookware along with over 100 hues of their original glass colors. Today, Adeirahas established themselves as a #1 glass manufacturer in Japan whose products are cherished by people all over the globe for its ever-evolving design and uncompromising quality.

  • 30 pieces of transparent material flake stickers (10 types x 3 pieces each)
  • Size: Box...H67mm x W36mm x D36mm, Seal...Within W12-55mm x H17-60mm
  • Made in Japan
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