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Inban Small Dish / Igeta · Classiky

Inban Small Dish / Igeta · Classiky

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  • Porcelain
  • w9.5× d7.5× h2.5cm
  • made in Japan

Inban-de vessels

``Inban-de'' refers to painting using printing methods such as ``stencil printing'' and ``copperplate transfer,'' making it possible to mass-produce by hand without having a professional illustrator. This technology developed rapidly after the Meiji period.

As a result, painted porcelain vessels were distributed all over Japan, and the eating habits of the common people underwent a major transformation. Although it is called painting by printing, this method at the time was prone to many defects such as fading, blurring, color loss, and uneven coloring in the design, and in recent years it has become a technique that is only used in a limited number of cases. It's gone. However, among those who love pottery, there are those who think that its flaws are part of its charm, and that these are its charms, and Kurashiki Design is of course one of those people. Although it is not suitable for customers who want a perfect finish, I still want to use this technique to make pottery.

The printing method used for this product, the copperplate transfer method used by Inhante, involves transferring the design from a transfer paper printed on Japanese paper with a pigment called Gosu to the unglazed fabric. Plates with stamps made by copperplate transfer have many defects such as fading, cutting, bleeding, fading, and uneven coloring due to manual work. Although each plate has individual differences, please think that it always contains some of these elements. In that sense, Inban hand plates are not suitable for customers who prefer a perfect finish. However, for customers with specific tastes, even the flaws can be endearing and attractive, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

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