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Kakimori Aluminium Rollerball Pen

Kakimori Aluminium Rollerball Pen

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A rollerball pen made for fountain pen inks. Enjoy the freedom of ink colour in a familiar form. Featuring a textured matte finish and a discreet logo on the cap, the pen is designed to fit in with any occasion.

While it may resemble a regular pen at first glance, our metal rollerball pen adds joy to even the simplest of notes with your favorite color in tow. Perfect for daily use.

If writing with a fountain pen seems daunting, our metal rollerball pen is for you. Its familiar form will ease you into the smoothness of fountain pen ink.

Use and Care:

  • Ink is not included.
  • Daily use is recommended to prevent the ink from drying out. The nib may become blocked after a period of no use.
  • Designed especially for use with Kakimori and Inkstand pigment inks.
  • Handle the cap with care when removing or replacing.
  • When travelling by air, we recommend filling with ink upon arrival to prevent leakage during your journey.
  • The pen is designed for optimal writing balance with the cap removed. The cap does not fit the tail of the pen.


  • Tip size: 0.5mm
  • H133 x Ø10mm
  • Includes a converter
  • Material: Stainless steel (nib), aluminium (body), plastic (converter)
  • Made in Japan and Germany
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