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Kakusta Portable Pen Stand / Green · Sonic

Kakusta Portable Pen Stand / Green · Sonic

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Boost your productivity with the Sonic Kakusta Pen Stand, designed with a 60° partition for effortless pen access, streamlining your work or study sessions.

Utilizing magnets, it maintains a stable triangular shape, perfect for any desk without occupying excessive space. Crafted from dust-repellent soft silicon, it's a breeze to clean and comes with a pocket for storing small essentials like erasers and sticky notes, promoting workspace organization. Its sleek design guarantees both portability and a clutter-free environment.

  • Material:  Silicone
  • The 60° partition prevents the pen from getting buried, making it easy to find and take out. The key point is that the surface of the soft silicone material is smooth and does not easily get dirty.
  • Size: W75 × H200 × D55 mm
  • Made in Japan
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