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No. 150 (Light Blue) Peracone · AVRIL Yarn

No. 150 (Light Blue) Peracone · AVRIL Yarn

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Nice to use for making accessories and wrapping!
Have lots of fun with peracone!

About Avril Yarn:
Discover a world of creative possibilities with Avril, the avant-garde yarn artisan hailing from Kyoto, Japan. Since 1992, Avril has been redefining the art of yarn-making, expertly crafting unique threads with natural and unconventional materials. We invite you to explore the extraordinary collection of Avril's fancy yarns, and let your next craft project be a testament to the limitless creativity spun by expert craftsmen in Kyoto.

  • Length : approx. 3.5m
  • From AVRIL Kyoto
  • Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently.
  • Made in Japan
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