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Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Vintage 5 Pen Set · Zebra

Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Vintage 5 Pen Set · Zebra

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A 5 pen set of the Sarasa Vintage Series! 

With the ink matching the pen body, the Zebra Vintage Sarasa Clip pens are a true favorite of ours! They're chic, retractable, and have a comfortable rubber grip.
Sarasa is a ballpoint pen series that takes advantage of the characteristics of gel ink to produce vivid colors and a smooth writing experience. Since it is a water-based pigment with excellent water resistance, it is deep and does not bleed, allowing you to enjoy vivid colors and a wide range of colors. It also uses a movable binder clip, which can be clipped onto thick boards to reduce clip breakage.

Pen Features:
  • 0.5mm tip size
  • 5.6" length of body 
  • Water-based pigment gel ink
  • Feather-resistant, water-resistant, and high lightfastness
  • Includes a functional clip to fasten onto your favorite notebook
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