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TN Passport Refill / 007 Weekly Free Diary

TN Passport Refill / 007 Weekly Free Diary

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This is a passport size weekly planner. The size of this refill is exactly the same as the passport we carry, so it’s suitable for using this as a mini diary where you can write down things that happened on that day. The dates are not printed on this refill, so you can start it whenever you want. A single refill has 6 months worth of spaces printed. Please customize this the way you want, and it’s worth mentioning that this refill uses the MD paper, making the feeling of writing great.

  • For Passport Size Traveler's Notebook
  • 6 months worth of pages; 32 sheets
  • H 4.8"x W 3.5" x D 0.15" 
  • Material: MD PAPER
  • Country of Origin: JAPAN
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