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Traveler's Company

TRAVELER'S Notebook Tokyo Postcard Refill

TRAVELER'S Notebook Tokyo Postcard Refill

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This is TRAVELER’S notebook Refill that is designed with a focus on Tokyo, where TRAVELER’S COMPANY is based. The cover is a letterpress print of a scene encountered during a tour of Tokyo. And all the pages in this refill can be used as postcards by cutting out at the perforation. The paper is made of Watercolor paper, which is thick and ideal for watercolor-type mediums. You can draw the scenery you encountered in your travels around Tokyo, put a stamp on it, or write your memories on it and send it to others. Cut-out postcards can be sent as standard postcards with stamps attached.

  • H210 x W110 x D5mm
  • Postcard, 12 sheets (24pages)
  • Watercolor Paper (Saddle Stitched)
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