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Yellow / Notebook for Paintable Stamp · Midori

Yellow / Notebook for Paintable Stamp · Midori

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A notebook where you can enjoy recording your days with stamps! This notebook uses thick paper for the text so that the ink from the stamps does not easily bleed through. The cover has a double-fold structure, and by sandwiching the folded part between the pages, it prevents ink from transferring to the next page, and can also be used as a bookmark.

The main text is a discreet 2mm square grid that does not interfere with the stamp pattern. The size is large enough to stamp 4 "Paintable Stamp Penetration Marks". By using the triangular guide printed on the text, you can stamp neatly.

The book uses a ring binding that opens firmly and flat to make it easy to stamp. We also removed the ring in the center of the notebook so that it doesn't get in the way when your fingers hit it.
For the cover, we chose textured paper and colors to match the rough feel of the stamp ink. It can also be used as a commemorative stamp collection book. Please try making your own book to record your travels and hobbies.

  • Cover/Paper (foil stamping)
  • Title page/1 page
  • Text/2mm grid ruled 59 pages
  • Package size/H154 x W157 x D14mm
  • Body size/H150 x W152 x D14mm
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