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Zebra Pitan Ballpoint Pen · Zebra

Zebra Pitan Ballpoint Pen · Zebra

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A ballpoint pen that sticks tightly to a notebook! You can easily carry around as if it were part of your notebook.

How to use:
(1) Place the note holder on the back cover of the notebook. *Supported paper thickness: approx. 0.3-1.0mm
(2) When you bring the pen close, it will stay firmly in place with magnetic force.
(3) Remove the pen and knock it to write immediately.

  • 0.5mm tip size
  • Diameter 9.5 x length 137 mm,
  • Oil-based black ink
  • Feather-resistant, water-resistant
  • Notebook clip may not fit every notebook style depending on thickness of paper. The Pitan clip works best with 0.3mm to 1.0mm thick paper!
  • Made in Japan
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